Full mouth implant bridge costs vary due to several factors including the skill, training and experience of the dentist placing your implants; and prosthetist designing your new teeth; the quality of teeth and dental implants; and treatment plan inclusions.


  1. Skill, training and experience of the dentist

Head dentist, Dr David Norcross has dedicated his career to restoring smiles using dental implants, and has completed a number of advanced courses in implant and restorative dentistry.


  1. Skill, training and experience of the prosthetist

If your implants will be supporting dentures, they will be designed by our Prosthetist, Mr McDonagh. Donagh has been expertly designing and crafting replacement teeth for over 35 years and can customise your bridge that is high in quality, durability and aesthetics to suit your age, face and personality.


  1. The type and quality of replacement teeth

Our dental implant packages offer a number of tooth material options to suit your aesthetic and financial needs. Replacement teeth materials have different strengths, aesthetic features and longevity.


  1. Type and quality of dental implants

Perth Dental Implant Centre offer two high quality implant systems that share comparable success rates and are both TGA approved: MIS Implants and Nobel BioCare’s All-On-4®.


  1. Treatment plan inclusions

All treatment plans include x-rays throughout treatment and a follow-up appointment post-surgery. If you choose to upgrade to a longer-lasting zirconia bridge after 3 to 6 months, we’ll include this item in the treatment plan.