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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Offer - Only $299!

We are currently offering our take home Teeth Whitening Kits for only $299! Contact us to redeem this offer, or learn more about our teeth whitening procedure by clicking the link below.

Teeth Whitening At Kelmscott Dental

Today’s hectic lifestyles are demanding on our health and overall appearance. Everyday things such as tea, coffee, juices, tobacco, food additives and ageing, all contribute to the discolouration of our teeth.

In-Chair Teeth Whitening

At Kelmscott Dental we offer an in chair whitening system by Pola Whitening and White Smile™. This is a non-invasive dental procedure using advanced technology, to whiten your smile in a single visit. Pola Whitening and White Smile™ can be a good option for patients on the go or with a special event looming such as a wedding or birthday.

It is important to first discuss with us your intention to whiten your teeth at your next appointment. Due to individual circumstances, teeth whitening results can be more dramatic in some people than others and can be influenced by the current colour of your teeth and pre-existing conditions such as decay. An initial hygiene visit is required where you will be assessed if teeth whitening is suitable for you.

What causes tooth discolouration?

There are a number of factors that contribute to teeth changing colour, with beverages such as coffee, tea and red wine some of the most common culprits behind teeth turning yellow or staining.

Smoking and bad oral hygiene can also be behind tooth discolouration, with a lack of brushing and flossing allowing bacteria and plaque to build up.

Teeth may also change colour due to aging, with enamel wearing thinner and the dentin taking on a darker shade.

What does the whitening process involve?

One of our dentists will perform a dental assessment to help ensure that your teeth and gums are in a good condition to proceed with whitening.

The tooth assessment will see our dentist check for enamel thickness and oral conditions such as tooth decay, sensitivity and present restorations including crowns and fillings.

A whitening treatment will then be recommended for your teeth at the conclusion of the assessment.

If you are interested in teeth whitening, contact our friendly team to arrange a consultation to find out if you are eligible to have teeth whitening.

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