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At Kelmscott Dental we utilise technology to complete all our procedures with accuracy, integrity, efficiency and quality. With a desire to keep you informed we have outlined below some of the commonly used technology in our practice, and a little about how this helps in facilitating our treatments.

Low Dose Digital X-Rays

Low Dose Digital X-Rays have surpassed their film predecessors, setting the new standard of dental x-ray technology. X-ray results are available almost instantaneously on the overhead computer screen. This allows dentist to more quickly and efficiently detect and treat any potential problems before they advance.

Intra Oral Camera

The intra oral camera lets you see what your dentist sees while conducting a comprehensive examination. This small camera is mounted in a tube which is manoeuvred throughout your mouth, while the video is displayed live on the overhead screen. This gives you a more comprehensive understanding as your dentist can explain what they are seeing, and any treatment areas.


The OPG is a screen tool that is effective as it allows detection of problems that may have been missed with other radiographs. OPG machines are also known as Panoramic Radiographs as they produce a panoramic x-ray of the upper and lower jaw, giving a broader view of your facial bones and teeth.


Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry can be used to complete a range of dental treatments by combining laser energy and water. Laser dentistry, also known as hydrophontics have the potential for greater preservation of healthy tooth structure through its increased accuracy and less invasive methods. 1 Laser dentistry can be employed in the areas of,

  •  Cavity Preparation
  •  Decay Removal
  •  Endodontic Treatment
  •  Periodontal Treatment
  •  Soft Tissue treatments

Microscope Dentistry

Microscopic dentistry permits your dentist to detect and see things that would normally remain undetectable to the human eye. This allows a greater level of detail and accuracy in many areas including general dentistry, endodontics, diagnostics and reconstructive procedures. Microscopic dentistry also benefits the patient as the enhanced images the dentist view are then projected onto the overhead screen so you can see what your dentist sees, increasing your understanding of your dental treatment.


1. Australian Dental Journal, The current state of laser applications in dentistry > Link