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Smilefast Magic Braces

At Kelmscott Dental, Dr David Norcross is now offering Orthodontic treatment without the expensive cost of seeing a Orthodontist.


Straight Smiles in just 6 Months…

Getting straight teeth can seem like an expensive procedure, however, Dr David Norcross now offers Orthodontic Treatment at a very desirable cost. That’s something to smile about!
At Kelmscott Dental, we offer Smilefast to give you a straighter smile in a shorter period of time than other orthodontic options. As a result, you can enjoy beautifully aligned teeth in around 6 months and also at a reduced price due to less appointment visits.

Smilefast Magic Braces is a new procedure that applies conventional orthodontic techniques in partnership with the newest technology to safely align your teeth treating dental problems such as crowding of teeth, spaces or gaps, crooked teeth or teeth that protrude forward.

Smilefast uses white-coated wires that blend in to your teeth so they are less noticeable than the traditional bulky metal braces. Furthermore, whilst regular braces usually take up to 3 years in treatment time, Smilefast has a speedy treatment time of only 6 months on average. Treatment time varies for each individual – some patients achieve stunning results in just 3-4 months and other patients with more complex cases may take up to 9 months. Regardless of the case it is guaranteed that Smilefast treatment provides rapid results in a safe manner.


These images are of a Smilefast Model who is not a patient of Kelmscott Dental.


                       Before                          After 7 Months of Smile Fast braces

Benefits Of Smilefast

  • Less noticeable than metal braces
  • No discolouration of the clear brackets
  • Comfortable
  • Fast results – 6 months!
  • Affordable price due to fewer visits
  • No compromise on results

This image is of a smilefast model and is not a patient of Kelmscott Dental.

FREE Initial Consultation

Not everyone is eligible for Smilefast so an initial consultation is required to check suitability. We don’t want you to pay if Smilefast isn’t right for you which is why we offer those patients their initial consultation for FREE.

We’d love to tell you more about our Smilefast Magic Braces treatment. If you’re interested in discussing your dental concerns and finding out if Smilefast is right for you then contact the friendly team at Kelmscott Dental on 08 9495 7999 for an initial consultation.

Payment Plan Options

We also offer Gem Visa payment plans for eligible patients to help ease the financial pressure. For more information click here.

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