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Sleep dentistry for anxious patients

Avoiding dental assessments is a thing of the past thanks to modern dentistry sleeping options for anxious patients

Are you anxious or afraid of visiting the dentist?

Are you time poor but need substantial treatment?

Sleep Dentistry uses a unique combination of sedative and pain relieving drugs given intravenously to create a dream-like state of deep, calming relaxation for the duration of your dental procedure. Read more 

New Year New You!

The New Year... it's a time when people around the world make resolutions for change. They

promise themselves that they will eat healthier, join the gym, exercise more, shed pounds off

their bodies and make healthier choices. Though, nine times out of ten, these promises

never stick. Read more

Prevention Intervention

Regular visits to the dentist can prevent tooth problems and unnecessary costs

Many people mistakenly believe that regular dental assessments are merely a standard clean to keep your teeth and gums in shape. The reality is that they provide your dentist with an opportunity to prevent problems before they occur - or to detect problems as soon as possible if they are quickly becoming an issue.

Read further to find out what really goes on during a dental assessment and the importance of a healthy mouth. Read more

Be all-around healthy

Research shows that oral health is intimately linked with general health and wellbeing

It’s been suggested for many years that oral health impacts on a person’s overall health, and consequently, their quality of life. And now, new research supports what we have deemed to be true: Oral health and general health are intimately linked.

Think about it. Oral health has the power to affect people physically and mentally. Oral hygiene and the appearance of your teeth influence how you look, grow, eat, speak and chew. It will control how you feel, what you eat, and the way you socialise. More importantly, it has the power to cause you pain and undesirable problems in other body parts. Read more

Are Dental Implants Suitable

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is integrated into a candidate's jaw bone to hold a replacement tooth or bridge; usually via a screw attachment. They're an ideal choice for people who have lost a tooth or several teeth due to an injury, disease or another reason.

Tooth loss is a serious issue. For one, it can dramatically impact one's ability to eat. Therefore, nutrition intake and diet become a concern. Tooth loss can not only affect a person's appearance and cause speech difficulties, but can also be a catalyst for more damage. Read More

Are You Flossing Correctly?

Brushing and flossing your teeth combined with regular dental assessments are your best weapons for fighting plaque and gum disease. Contrary to popular belief, brushing alone will not prevent tooth decay; so without flossing, you're leaving as much as half of the plaque on your teeth behind. That's why it's imperative to floss at least once a day - and properly! Read More

Tooth Decay

With Dental Health Week fast approaching, Australians are being warned that tooth decay is the country's most prevalent health problem. Parents should be particularly concerned, with tooth decay being five times more common in children than asthma.

Official government reports show it is the second-most costly disease linked to diet, with approximately 11 million newly decaying teeth arising every year. According to the Australian Dental Association (ADA), what makes this particularly concerning is that 90 per cent of problems with teeth can be prevented. Read More

Keep Track Get Back

Making the most of your private health insurance dental benefits before they expire!

Dental benefits are a great perk for patients covered by private health insurance. It helps pay for the cost of necessary preventative dental care such as examinations, assessments, fluoride treatments and cleaning services. Depending on your individual insurance plan, it may even pay in part or whole for other general services including fillings and x-rays that would otherwise have you out of pocket. But what’s the point of taking out insurance if you’re not using the associated benefits before they expire? Read More

Are You A Suitable Candidate For Braces?

Straighten your teeth with Invisalign or braces

Misaligned teeth and jaws mean patients are placing a greater importance on correcting their teeth alignment. As such, orthodontic treatment is popularly sought after to address the discomfort and embarrassment associated with crooked teeth. This leads to asking the question: what braces are suitable for me? Read More

Dental Emergencies

Do you know what to do if you were faced with an alarming dental emergency

What would you do if your tooth fell out, became chipped or split into half? Could you cope with a serious bite to your tongue that involved blood spurting everywhere? What if you broke your jaw or had an object seriously stuck between your gums?

The reality is most people wouldn’t have a clue how to react when faced with such instances and this unknowingness can cause them serious pain and the possibility of losing a tooth. Your best bet is to follow these medical emergencies tips and phone your dentist if it necessary. Read More

Don't Let Bad Breath Take Over Your Romantic Plans

Create a pleasant Valentine's Day by preventing bad breath.

There's no annual calendar event that bad breath could spoil more than Valentine's Day. Imagine your spouse expelling a horrible stench out of their mouth as they chat to you over a romantic dinner. Even worse than that – what if the bad breath culprit was you? Read More

Busting Dental Myths

Let’s put an end to all those wives tales you’re hearing about what’s best for your teeth.

Myths are very much part of everyday life. People are quick to believe fallacies without question. But when myths intertwine with health areas, the outcome is potentially dangerous and only does more harm than good as far as your oral hygiene in concerned. Read More